Content Restoration

We know restoration involves more than just your structure…

Restoring your home after a disaster involves much more than simply getting your structure back in working order, it is also about the content within the structure itself…electronics, keepsakes, furniture and many more items severely damaged during the incident. Affordable Roofing and Restoration believes that every disaster relief project should be complete. This ideal often goes beyond just the building itself, and it is why we are able to restore both the structure and the content within it with our content restoration service.

Complete Content Restoration

content_cleaning_pictures-300x171During the restoration process, we dry out, clean up, and revive many of the items damaged during the incident. We will even help provide boxes so that you can ship them off to receive some quality TLC from our experts. We restore soft goods, electronics, heirlooms, furniture and many other items so that when you return you can once again make your house feel like home. We even help with drying and cleaning of delicate items such as art, photographs and important documents. Contact us and remember to ask us about our content restoration service.