Portfolio_1_MrPollPoll Fire Restoration
Mr. Poll
We received a call about this fire at 10:00 PM on a Friday night. The fire started in the basement and spread through the house. Due to the smoke and asbestos, we had to tear out the interior of the house and rebuild. The work preformed consisted of extensive cleaning of all surfaces, mechanical units, and structural repair of damaged framework.

Portfolio_2_MrGarrisonGarrison Water Loss
Mr. Garrison
We were contacted by Mr. Garrison because he had a broken pipe in his mother’s house. We were brought in after another company was taken off the job. The vast majority of the home was damaged by water. We were able to use State of the art equipment to dry the interior of the home and then rebuild what we had to demolish.

Portfolio_2_ChurchChurch Mold Remediation
Arvada Church
We were contacted by a local church, as they had a musty smell in their finished church basement. After a complete inspection we discovered they had serious mold problem. They had mold two-four foot on every wall and in the carpeting. We removed the mold from the 8,000 square foot basement passed a final mold clearance and then rebuilt the entire basement. This was completed with minimal interruption to the church.